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We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your trust.


If you wish to support our efforts our preferred donation methods are listed in order of preferences:


1.  A good old fashioned check made out to Compassion Sans Borders, as there are no fees
     subtracted from money received this way.


    Mailing address is:
    1016 S Wayne St #709 
    Arlington VA 22204

2. We also favor Venmo as they will allow up to $2999.99 without any fees.

     Our account name is: CompassionSans-Borders


3. We have a Paypal account, however they charge 3% on each donation, which for a small
    organization like us is really high. 

    Our account name is :

4. Donate directly on our Facebook Page using the "Donate" button at the top of our page. There are no fees.

Here are some of the rescuers your donation will support. They all give their time, energy and efforts on a daily basis. We are very grateful for their work and dedication.

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